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The Sexual Instinct Zone

Like a hot rush, like a loud but pleasant-ish hum in my chest, like energy, sparks, honestly like engorgement. -Jenn, SX Dominant⠀ ⠀ The SX zone is arousal. The feeling of being turned on or crushing. The focus of attention is both scanning and searching while also sending out attracting signals like pheromones; once the attention overhears some intriguing conversation or lands on some big brown eyes it narrows, tunneling on the object of fascination. The attention becomes absorbed with the object with the goal of merging with it. Here is where the feeling of being obsessed and transfixed takes over. Adrenalin. Renewed energy. Awake. A SX friend described it like “noise canceling headphones that make it difficult to pay attention to anything else. Like ears pulled into the head.” Another friend noticed that she “makes fists, not in aggression but more like boosters” to intensify the energy. ⠀ ⠀ Boundaries come up when the attention is fixed on the object of fascination, breaking through barriers and once contact is made the boundaries are surrendered to merging—and loss of self. “It feels like the layers that have been obscuring this reality from view are being peeled back. It’s like something is being uncovered or unveiled,” described a SX friend. A discharge not unlike orgasm happens. John Luckovich talks about how this release of energy resets, refreshes and regulates the nervous system. After the union and release of energy, there is a kind of reconstillating that takes place and you are left with the sense of being transformed, walking away feeling relaxed and calm. Having a glow. This is Moses coming down from Mount Sinai. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #enneagram #enneagram1 #enneagram2 #enneagram3 #enneagram4 #enneagram5 #enneagram6 #enneagram7 #enneagram8 #enneagram9 #millenneagram #enneagramcoach #spiritualgrowth #personalgrowth #innerwork #subtypes #instincts #onetoone #socialinstinct #sexualinstinct #selfpresinstinct

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